Pioneering the New Advancements

AGCT RESEARCH labs are equipped with latest technology and analytical skills to ensure the high level of productivity and connectivity with the industry and academia.

We are focused on developing new methodologies and therapies to cure previously thought un-curable diseases especially genetic and rare diseases.

Our Scientists, Researchers and Field Experts are carrying out multidisciplinary research and development projects at different AGCT Research Labs to build new analytical skills, technologies and effective people centric solutions to make people life better and healthier.

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AGCT GENOMICS Human Whole Genome Sequencing

Affordable and High Quality Human Whole Genome Sequencing from $900

Finding New Ways to do Impossible

AGCT Research Laboratories

Genomic Research Lab

Bioinformatics Lab

Takwin Lab

Stem Cell Research Lab



Drug design & development Lab

Molecular Medicine Lab

Become a Part of Innovative Research team

Become a part of Our team of Scientists, Researchers and Field experts at AGCT RESEARCH who are putting their energies to develop new methodologies, therapies, drugs, and technologies by leveraging STEM knowledge to build something to make human lives healthier, safe and better.

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