A Premier Leading Research Organization Focused on Developing New Novel Methodologies to Cure Genetic Diseases

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Innovating New Possibilities

AGCT RESEARCH is a premier and leading in the cross-dimensional translational and multidisciplinary research division of AGCT GENOMICS. AGCT RESEARCH is comprised of eight multidisciplinary research and development centers and research laboratories thriving for advancing research to make human lives easier and more productive.

We are focused on developing new methodologies and therapies to cure previously thought un-curable diseases especially genetic and rare diseases.

Our team of Scientists, Researchers and Field experts at AGCT RESEARCH Centers are putting their energies to develop new methodologies, therapies, drugs, and technologies by leveraging STEM knowledge to build something to make human lives healthier, safe and better.

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Center of Genetic Diseases Research
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AGCT Center of Genomic Research
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Center of Precision Medicine & Drug Design
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Center of Stem Cell Research
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AGCT SYNBIO Research Center
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AGCT Center of Biotechnology
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AGCT Center of Artificial Intelligence
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Research at AGCT

De Novo Mutations analysis in the Human Male Testis

Clinical and Genome wide studies of Mitochondrial and Bi-parental mitochondrial disorders in Pakistani population

Molecular & Genetic understanding of genetic diseases

Advanced brain-computer interface to help people with neurological disorders

Coronavirus Research Group