Our mission:
To make the latest genetic testing affordable and reachable to everyone who can benefit from it. Along with providing the affordable genetic testing, we are conducting novel multidisciplinary research to advance scientific understanding of life-threatening problems.

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Genetics can empower whole healthcare

With the help of latest Genomic technology Genetic testing improve personal and public health by contributing to disease diagnosis, prevention, and treatment, and by informing reproductive decisions.Applications of genetic testing include determining the risk of passing on a disease to one’s children; diagnosing genetic diseases in fetuses, newborns, children, and adults; diagnostic testing to guide the administration of drugs; assessing individuals’ risk of future disease; and testing to inform cancer prevention and treatment.

About AGCT

AGCT GENOMICS has a promising mission:

Through the great blend of genetics and technology, we are bringing more accessible and affordable medical genomics for everyone, to help improve lives of billions of people globally. Our team of medical experts has developed reliable, comprehensive, and actionable genetic testing. We have helped improve care for thousands of patients across the globe by driving down the cost of testing and developing a platform that provides genetic information for use throughout medicine—and throughout life.

Genomics is the future of Medicine

DNA sequencing technology has proven to be of great potential in decoding the reality of life. Since the completion of the first Human genome project in 2003, our understanding of genetic varsity between different individuals has improved a lot. Based on such an understanding of genome, number of techniques developed over the time i.e. CRISPR genome editing for multi-purpose clinical genome studies. Specifically, the next generation sequencing (NGS) technology has accelerated the clinical genomic research and personalized genomic analysis, which enables the practice of precision/molecular medicine.

We at AGCT, committed to bring latest genomic technology to accelerate translational research and offer next generation and cost effective genetic testing.

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What we have?

National genomeDB

We are building proprietary Country's first AGCT National Genomic Database for Personalized Genomic Services and Medicine.

Cutting Edge Genomic Services

We offer Cutting Edge Genomic services based on Latest Next Generation Sequencing Technology through our International Partners.

Integrated Genomic Services

We engage from every angle to integrate genetics and genomic technology to build sustainable life experience for everyone.

Genetic Testing

We offer wide range of Genetic Testing services to accurately diagnose the Diseases for best treatment.

AGCT Research

We are bringing innovation building technologies, genetic therapies and molecular medicine through our multidisciplinary translational research.

Genomic technologies are tremendously changing the future of medicine and healthcare.

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